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School Council 

At Woodlands, our school council is made up of Executive Year 6 members and two elected members from Year 3 - 5. 

Current members 2018-19

Year 3: Luca and Holly

Year 4: Tyler and Ava

Year 5: Shammah and Mae

Year 6: Sulaiman and Thanmaya

Our school council meets regularly to discuss what they can do to improve the school, the school environment and raise money. 

This year the school council have designed and created a school newsletter.  They are responsible for gathering information from Nursery to Year 6 about forthcoming activities and events going on in each class.  The Year 6 school councillors then write, publish and distribute this newsletter around the school.

The school council are keen to continue to maintain the pond area and get involved with any further developments and improvements that might need to be carried out in the Spring/Summer Term.

               Initial stages of the pond renovations          Pond

Additionally, the school council take lead roles in organising and managing any school fundraising events.