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Glen Hills Primary School - Year 5 Curriculum 

Hello everyone. My name is Mr. Cocomazzi and I am delighted to be teaching Year 5 this year. I will be working alongside Mrs. Maddison, Mrs. Ridler and Mrs. Dickson to provide a positive environment for the class to thrive in. As a team, we have high expectations of the pupils and aim to develop important learning traits and a love for leaning within our students through fun, engaging and challenging lessons.


In Year 5 we will use a range of skills in order to succeed in the challenges that we face. In some tasks, we will be collaborating with peers to share and develop ideas through group work or class discussions. In other tasks, the children will be developing their independence through taking ownership of their own work and the process needed in order to succeed.


In Literacy this term, we will be learning to write a range of fictional and non-fictional genres. This includes non-chronological reports, explanation texts and myths or legends.


In Maths this term, we will be aiming to secure and develop the children’s understanding of place value whilst increasing the fluency of their times tables recall.


This term, we will be learning about the Ancient Greeks in our Topic lessons. This will include a geographical understanding of modern day Greece and a study of the history of ancient Greece. The children will compare life in Athens to life in Sparta and will identify the impact that the ancient Greek civilisation had on the modern world.


I look forward to a great year with the class and am excited about the progress that we can make together.




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